Photo credit: Alun Be

Photo credit: Alun Be



Don Sha is a Florida native born to a Colombian immigrant mother and Mexican American father. During a trip to the Andes mountains of Colombia to visit family as a teen, Don learned of his family's musical history and he immediately embraced this connection. He played guitar for the first time with the guitar belonging to his late uncle, Humberto Monroy (father of Colombian rock & front man of the pioneer fusion rock band, Génesis de Colombia). Inspired by his family's legacy, he began to see music not only as a form of entertainment but more importantly as a vehicle for spreading message and for healing. The strong Caribbean influences in his hometown of Miami played a large role in his musical formation and he was especially drawn to the communal and spiritual aspect of Jamaican reggae and Rastafari. His music can be described as urban reggae but also include elements of a wide variety of genres and topics reflecting the diversity in which he was raised. Don Sha was featured in a CBS national on-air TV promo campaign performing an original island rendition of the Hawaii Five-O theme song for the reboot of the iconic series. A collaboration with his cousin, Jairo Varela - director of Grupo Niche and architect of the Colombian salsa sound, was cut short due to Jairo's untimely passing in 2012. Don Sha is currently in the studio working on new music as well as performing live. He typically performs with his backing band, Lalibela, which include a talented supporting cast of musicians. His show "A Tribute To The Legends", a mixture of reggae classics and original music, was described as "truly amazing" by The Soul of Miami.


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Notable past performances

Cat Cay Yacht Club - Bahamas

Teatro Gilberto Alzate Avendano - Bogota, CO

Planetario de Bogota - Bogota, CO

El Festival del Rodamonte - Cogua, CO

Casa de la Cultura - Guayaquil, EC

C.R.E.A. - Cuenca, EC

Hosteria Peguche Tio - Otavalo, EC

Auditorio Agora - Quito, EC

Da Boss - Negril, JA

For Jamaica Annual Charity - Pembroke Pines, FL

Casa Tua - Miami Beach, FL

Reggae night @ Purdy Lounge - Miami Beach, FL

Blackbird Ordinary - Downtown Miami, FL

Tobacco Road - Downtown Miami, FL

Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival - Sunrise, FL

Morada Bay Full Moon Party - Islamorada, FL

MS150 Bike Tour / John Pennekamp - Key Largo, FL 

Boondock's Lobster Fest - Ramrod Key, FL

Wynwood Yard - Wynwood, FL



  "I just had to get you on board" 

Flagga of the Reggae Ride - 88.9 FM WDNA Miami


"His standards are a little higher than most in my opinion" 

Lance-O of Kulcha Shok Muzik

"Truly Amazing"  / "Incredibly Talented"

The Soul of Miami




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